Only Wednesday...

Not only do I have no topic today, I also forgot that today was a day I posted on my blog until just now. The only day of the work week that I have not committed myself to posting is Friday. That is right, fine folks, today felt like a Friday to me. A Friday. And it is only Wednesday. And I didn’t come into work until Tuesday afternoon. And it felt like a Friday to me. But it is not Friday. It is only Wednesday. This is a rather painful revelation. Excuse me for a second…

Not only is it not Friday, it is not even Thursday. I can understand making the mistake of Friday thinking on Thursday, but to do so on Wednesday is just hard to take. When one finds out that a “Friday” is actually a Thursday one usually says something like, “Well, crap! I thought it was Friday.” But when one finds out that a “Friday” is a Wednesday all that is left is weeping. Lots and lots of weeping. Followed closely by cursing. Maybe a little teeth gnashing, but just a smidgen. There typically is no clothes rending, but it is not completely out of the question.

In many ways Wednesday is the very antithesis of a Friday. That might be why it is so hard for me to stomach the fact that it isn’t Friday. Some of you are probably thinking that the antithesis for Friday is Monday. That thought has merit, but I think the direct opposite of Friday is Monday, whereas Wednesday is Friday’s perfect contrast. Monday is still one of the bookends to the work week. Wednesday, however, is the exact opposite of the end of the work week. It is the very middle. It is a subtle distinction, but a distinction none the less. (Nonetheless? No neth eless? Non-ethel ess).

Coupled with this insane mis-categorization of days I am also rather tired, rather hopped up on caffeine, and something else I forgot whilst typing.

To recap:
Wifey gets back tonight
And clearly not a moment too soon
I am still trying to figure out a “theme” for my Thursday posts
Nothing is jumping out at me
For some reason the concept of a dialog keeps popping up
That could be because people keep trying to talk to me
Leave me alone people!
Can’t you see I am losing it?
Where’s my Mt Dew?!?
Stupid freakin Wednesday!
I am partial to No Nethel Ess