Thursday Thang: the vote

Still trying to figure out what the heck my Thursdays are going to be about. I have had some people suggest (thanks for the suggestions by the way) different lists of things that I could expound upon much like my Random to Non-Random Alphabet of SRH posts. Numbers really wouldn’t work. There are too many and not enough of them are significant. Continents would have been a great idea if it were not for the fact that I have only been on 2 (Europe and North America). Months was mentioned as well, but honestly, time has little significance in my world view. One of these days I will expound upon the human invention of time. States that I have been to might be interesting, but some of the stories would end up like this: Arkansas: Once the group I was traveling with stopped to fill up their gas tank in Arkansas. That isn’t very gripping. Oceans, only seen 2 of them. Colors, how do I differentiate between periwinkle and light blue-ish purple? Cerulean and Cornflower?

I would love to give some updates from Capt. McArmypants in Afghanistan, but since he is JAG, most of his emails end up being: Did a bunch of stuff today, none of which I can tell you about due to confidentiality and/or secrecy. My soccer stories end 16 years ago. I haven’t found much new music that I like (although I would like to thank the author of for recommending Mutemath, and Karen James seems to point me towards music on her LJ as well and sadly I am intruiged by The Aquabats! for some unknown reason) I have trouble remembering what I did yesterday at work for timesheet purposes, much less what I was doing on the 60th anniversary of D-Day. I think I need to get more serious exercise goals than “I want to be healthier” if I were to report on “workout progress.”

But I do not want this post to be just me saying “No” to everyone’s suggestions. I would like you, my viewing public to select from a list of finite choices for my new Thursday Thang. All choices are intended to make me work a bit more creatively (most likely on Wednesday nights). Would the UC readers want to see...

A. Digital Thursday: where I post digital artwork, graphic design, mapping, photo-manipulations that I have recently worked on.

B. Fictional Thursday: where I attempt to write some fiction crap in a genre of the UC’s readers’ choosing.

C: Theory Thursday: where I attempt to make myself seem smarter than I am by attempting to jabber on about theoretical stuff

D: Non-Themed Thursday: where I just randomly post some drivel much like Monday, and Wednesday.

You, the fine readers of the UC, get to decide my Thrusday-riffic theme. You have until Wednesday the 19th of September 2007 to cast your vote.

To recap:
Please cast your vote in comments
I mean it. Cast your vote
My prediction: Only one person votes and that person will vote for more cookies at snack time
Who doesn’t want more cookies at snacktime?
I hope that we have a cleaner house this weekend
At least the house was in the same state of disrepair when Wifey came back as the state or disrepair when she left
Need more caffeine
Need more caffeine bad
Fire bad
I can’t believe it is not Friday yet
Have a great weekend everyone