Bad TV = Good TV

Wifey pointed something out to me last night. Get your minds out of the gutter; this is not THAT kind of blog. Anyway… I realized (Wifey pointed out) that I really do love me some bad TV.

So this weekend’s bad TV started out with some Ninja Warrior on G4 (I miss Tech TV, if I wanted to watch chicks in bikinis play pong, I would pay the neighbors). Wifey did not realize how much she would enjoy watching people try ludicrous physical challenges only to be thwarted by large water traps and time running out. She only got to see stage 1, and has yet to see the weeding process of stage 2, the calamity of stage 3, or the agony of stage 4. I think some stage 2 stuff is on soon. We giggled like toddlers when we saw the non-serious contestants go face first into the water.

The bad TV continued Friday night with the Sci-Fi original series version of Flash Gordon. Okay, here is my issue with moderately bad TV. It just needs to realize that it is bad and embrace its badness. Flash Gordon, bless its heart, is still attempting to be good. It is not Battlestar Galactica. It is not even Star Trek, it is merely a bad show that is trying in vain to be good. Sure there are issues with the show concerning typical Flash Gordon continuity, but that is beside the point. When your episode is about hawk people who wear a cape with no shirt and ‘squawk’ you have to realize that you are not producing, shall we say, quality serious entertainment. Might I suggest a Sam Raimi approach?

Speaking of the Sam Raimi approach, I was flipping through the channels after Wifey had fallen asleep on Friday just before I was about the veg out with some Orc Hunter action in World of Warcraft when I happened upon the beginning of Army of Darkness. Oh, my goodness, that is a wonderful movie. It is only wonderful because it is so purposefully bad. There are so many quotes from this movie emblazoned into Geek Culture (yes, there is such a thing) that this movie is almost considered a sacred text.

To finish out the bad TV for the weekend (considering that more Ninja Warrior was consumed by Wifey and me) while discounting all the bad kid’s TV that was watched (WTF is up with the chauvinism and deception so prevalent in Bob the Builder? Yes, I would love to teach my kid how to talk like a condescending bastard to co-workers and … er… tools) Wifey and I had the extreme displeasure of seeing Highlander: The Source. I do have to give credit to the Highlander franchise. They are nothing if not consistent in their willingness to disregard everything that came before. There is no canon in Highlander other than the typical protagonist has to have the surname MacLeod and the worst Scottish accent ever in all of actingdom (Christopher Lambert and Adrian Paul both are miserable at imitating a burr). I could write a thesis on the merits of the Highlander franchise at length, but I will not bore you with those details.

Suffice it to say that for this instance the Highlander franchise chose to try high cinema when all people were looking for were sword fight scenes interspersed with a moderately coherent tale of revenge and survival. This movie brought very little of the first and none of the second. Sunday, was pretty much TV-less. Highlander the Source ruined TV for the rest of the weekend.

To Recap
Klaatu Verrata Nectu
There was a derailment yesterday at the Weber Road crossing gate where Little Man and I frequent
I am glad we were not there during the derailment
The preschool teachers don’t like Little Man having cupcakes because they are too messy
Hey, preschool teachers, he can only eat 2 things! Give us a break
My parents are coming into town Friday
Wifey and I are looking for places to be Thursday through Monday
Any ideas?
This looks surprisingly interesting…
Now if they could only make a decent Captain America movie
The spam filter at my work seems to be broken
I have gotten 104 emails so far today
15 have been work related
Hail to the King, Baby