20 Questions Tuesday: 65 - 3rd Blogaversary

Who would have thought that I would still be doing this crap? Really, Who? I want names and addresses!

It has bee three long and grueling years of making shit up Monday through Thursday. I have actually made some virtual friends since starting this crap up and I hope that I have given out some laughs as well as good information concerning Orapred (still one of my top attractors to this blog, but the top attractor by far is the Eddie Vedder pic that Wifey linked to in a 20 questions a long time ago).

Since starting this blog I have taken the number one spot on Google for the query “Hippo Enemy.” I was in the top ten for “Turtle Porn” for a while and I think I am pretty far up there for searches a bout the “Yeti.”

Thanks this week go to Allrileyedup, Capt. McArmypants, Lsig, ACW, Dustin, Dr B-Dawg, and Atmikha.

The questions

1. Do you find it odd that the word blogaversary hints at the words averse and adversary?
Not even remotely odd. In fact, I would almost expect the word to also have similarities with boredom, and inane, but that word would be blogboradverarynane.

2. Three years ago, did you imagine your blog to be where it is today? If not, how is it different?
By “where it is” I can only assume you mean geospatially. In that case, Yes, I did imagine that my blog would reside where it does today on one of Google’s servers clusters most likely in Nebraska.

3. Do you expect to still be doing this three years from now?
In some ways yes, but in others... No. Yes: I do expect to be doing some kind of creative updating to something. No: Blogging is already something “so 2005,” so in 2010, I imagine the vehicle for my updated creative outlet will be different.

4. Is three really the magic number, like the School House Rock song claims?

5. Have your typing skills improved after blogging for three years?
Sadly my typing skilz still hover around “craptastic” like when I started this.

6. I think we can all agree Blogaversary is a dumb word. If you were to theoretically give up on that dumb word and go with a really cool one like "Bloscar", in terms of favorite blog entry so far, who would the "Bloscar" go to? In terms of special effects who would the "Bloscar" go to? In terms of supporting cast who would this years Bloscar go to? If you got Frank Sinatra to post from "beyond the grave" (to be said in an eerie voice) on your Bloscar blog entry and his post was too long would you edit his post? Do you think a blog about "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" should ever be beaten by a blog about "Gladiator"? Because if the Gladiator blog was deemed the better of the two, it might make me loose faith in you and your stupid Bloscars. I would then deem your Bloscars some sort of bizarre hypocritical popularity contest where the judges have no clue what is popular. In fact, I am tired of you stupid Bloscars! I find them somewhere between racist and patronizing and I struggle to find how they are even remotely relevant anymore. Good day sir!
Ummm… I think I will refrain from answering this one.

7. What is the appropriate attire for a blogaversary party?
A toga

8. If a hippo were to send you a blogaversary gift, would you A) return to sender, B) accept it politely and then re-gift it, C) destroy it gleefully?
It really depends on the gift, but I would imagine that with a hippo’s limited resources most gifts would be made from hippo fecal matter. I would therefore choose A) return to sender.

9. How many readers do you usually have for your daily offering? Which one of them is your favorite?
I have about 30 to 40 people who look regularly. Sometimes they visit more than once a day. I also get about 20 random visitors. As to “Which one of them is my favorite?” Why, you (inclusive) are, of course.

10. If a blog is published in the woods with no one to read it, does it make a sound?
Since blogs really only exist digitally, I will go with a “That’s a Negative, Ghost Rider” on that one.

11. You sometimes seem to struggle for content. Do you enjoy the daily creative challenge, or has it become a chore?

12. Can I get all my time back? I've invested quite a lot of time reading this blog and have done a self-assessment and found that your blog is lacking.
No refunds or exchanges without validated receipt

13. What kind of gift are you getting your blog on your 3rd anniversary (traditionally this is the leather anniversary…)?
I am giving it the gift of a Blogaversary post. Like a card just not from Hallmark and not worth any monetary value.

14. If you were to get your blog a gift, what is the mathematical probability that Wifey would make a snide comment?
The probability would be 1.

15. How many times have you cheated on your blog in the past three years? Remember, Baby Jesus can hear your lies.
I am not sure I understand the definition of “cheated” in context to the blog. Do you mean, how many other blogs have a posted to as SRH? None. Sure I have commented and I have my superhero blog that needs massive updates, but I don’t think that I have guest posted anywhere.

16. If someone offered to buyout your blog, what would be your price (in U.S. Dollars, EUROS, or slices of Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake)?
This blog isn’t for sale! I would never sell it, but if you were thinking about buying it I would be curious as to the number you came up with…

17. Does if feel like it's been three years?
Excruciatingly so… blogwise, of course

18. What is the most satisfying thing about blogging?

The “tappa tappa tappa” of typing it.

19. Do you hope to accomplish anything other than a taking a break from the workday tedium?

A little bit of creative discipline as well as a honing of a voice that is not entirely “me.”

20. Will there be any changes or new characters added during the fourth season?

We shall see… I have been toying around with the idea of dot com-ing and then creating a members only forum for everyone to chat, but then I realized I am no where near the critical mass necessary for a forum.

And 2 to grow on!

21. Will there be before and after pictures of the kitchen remodel?

Yes, Yes there will be

22. Do you prefer reading a blog or writing a blog?
A little of Column A and a little of Column B.

To Recap:
Next week I will pick up where I left off with the Canadian questions
It has been a wonderful 3 years
Today has been absolutely nuts
The 2nd person plural form is hardly ever used without modification
You Guys, All of you, Y’all, All y’all
Why is that?
Tomorrow is Halloween
That means so very little to me
Maybe I will dress up my blog
What should it be for Halloween?
And the rest of the week