Halloween '07

Here it is being 3years and a day and I have absolutely nothing to write about. Hmmm… does one lose everything they want to talk about after 3 years of blathering on? Nah, the Internet couldn’t be so lucky. I have a few topics to consider today.

Firstly, I am sitting at my desk contemplating the whole NaNoWriMo phenomenon. Should I go for it, should I just flesh out a book idea? Should should should. I am not certain if I have the time allocation available to actually wholeheartedly go after this goal. I am thinking that maybe it would be worth a go if it were 2 months, but 1 month… Wow, that is some time commitment. The month endeavor starts up tomorrow, so I guess if I am going to go for it, I need to do some preliminary world building tonight.

The only issue with world building this evening is that there are all these street urchins in costume who will be begging me for candy with threats of egging the house in their back pocket. Well, that is not the ONLY issue. Supposedly Discovery Channel is also debuting a new show about cryptids tonight! And that is DEFINITELY on the must watch list. So, my world building exercise will be minimal at best.

Secondly, I have a hard time giving disgruntled 15 year olds candy when they don’t dress up and just expect me to fill their crumpled garbage bag with candy that should go to the more deserving kids who actually still enjoy the whole Halloween process. These 15 year olds are also the ones who will most likely egg the house if I do not relinquish to them a pack of smarties. I don’t understand the entitlement that these kids exhibit. If people don’t give them candy for not participating in the cultural norm of Halloween, they think they are entitled to vandalize property. I hate them and their smug sense of superiority… If that ball comes in my yard one more time I’m keeping it… Oh, Hell Nos! I have become THAT guy.

Thirdly, I am not sure of the exact moment I became a curmudgeonly old man shaking his fist at those damn kids with their loud music and weird clothes and lack of respect for their elders. Those kids who have it so easy with their technomological gadgetry. When I was in high school “lol” needed another “l” and was what your head did in Mr. Haynes’s American History class after the third anecdote about Calvin Coolidge. When I was growing up, if I wanted to call my best friend and he wasn’t in the same room as me, I had to wait until I got home and mom was done talking to her friend. I would have to watch something on one of the 4 channels that our aerial could actually pick up. There I was sitting on my parents 20 year old couch watching static in the shape of MacGyver try to disarm a bomb with a knife and some asparagus, waiting for my mom to finish talking on the phone with some lady who thinks that alternative music is ruining kids these days so I could let Pre-Capt McArmypants know that the newest issue of X-men Blue was out and Jim Lee had pulled out all the stops on this one… ummm….

To recap:
Have a great and safe Halloween everyone
I doubt Little Man will be into the whole Trick or Treat experience this year
Next year though
Tomorrow is Digital Thursday
I have a couple of things to bring out for it
By “couple” I do mean “two”…
At most
It will be interesting to see who is in a candy coma at work tomorrow