Three Things

3 things today, and only 3 things. Well 4 things if you count the recap, but I don’t and I am the author here, so if I don’t maybe you shouldn’t as well.

Thing the first: Wifey gets home in a couple of hours. That makes me happy.

Thing the second: Today I stayed at home with Little Man because he had ab OT appointment and I really don’t think we can rely on our childcare for more than 3 days a week (I will be taking Friday off as well). Little Man staying with them started out as an invigorating activity for some older family friends, but now that this little dynamo is 4+ it seems to be more wearing than invigorating. Wifey and I are hoping that reducing the days that they have to watch him will make the days that they do watch him better days for them and for Little Man. I don’t think it is an idle hope… maybe an idyll hope, but definitely not idle.

Thing the third: Tomorrow is my blogaversary. I know some of you think that blogaversary is a made up word (Capt. McArmypants). And I know that some of you are already tired of hearing about my blogaversary. But, that doesn’t mean that I should not celebrate my blogginess.

To recap:
This is not Thing the fourth
It just isn’t
The recap is a thing unto itself
But not a Thing the fourth
Had an allergic reaction today to what can only be described as moth crap
So, I need to stay away from moth crap
Don’t have to tell me twice
It wasn’t a super virulent reaction
Sneezes, sniffles, and complete mental shut-down for 30 minutes
Other than that I am doing great
How are you?