Digital Thursday

I did not get the chance to draw anything last night so Digital Thursday this week shall consist of the 2 pieces I mentioned yesterday and a map that I worked on a few months ago.

Namor: I tried to fix some of the most egregious errors associated with this one. Worked with his right arm tons. This is the 4th version of this piece so far. I am not sure I will revisit it again any time soon. I am lost as to how to fix the other issues that I see in it. Maybe some space away from it will help. Comments and crits are welcome from anyone who wants to take a stab at it.

Apache Chief: Oh, I am quite pleased with this one. If I could draw someone with their head thrown back and chin raised, he would have been getting larger instead of smaller. I am very happy with how the coloring on this one came out. The line work could use a good scrubbing, but I feel that the coloring is pretty much spot on. Inuk-Chuk baby! Inuk Chuck!

The map was for a public involvement meeting in Kentucky about 2 alignments for a new roadway. I consistently rail against clients insisting on using aerial imagery as a backdrop for maps like these. The imagery makes the primary information hard to find. It would be like writing a novel about whale hunting and devoting 4 chapters to the biology of whales. Cumbersome and un-necessary. Just because one has the data or knowledge doesn’t mean that the knowledge and data helps to tell the story.

To recap:
Slept last night instead of drawing
Blame Wifey, she made me go to bed
I need to draw something Star-Wars-y again
Original trilogy and Imperial
I also need to whip something digital up for the Wonder Twins
Shape of a grumpy pterodactyl
Form of a Wedding ice sculpture
There are about 10 of you out there picturing the scene I just scripted
You know who you are
Have a great weekend everyone