Wednesday is a day of soul searching. It is a day of contemplation. It is a day of introspection and self exploration. Wednesday is a day that either galvanizes ones resolve to create a diligent work week, or it is a day that will erode ones will to give forth any effort. The middle of the week, The litmus test of effort, the fulcrum of diligence, the fourth of the seven, the day of knowledge and wisdom, thy name is Wednesday.

I am completely unmotivated. I think this lack of motivation stems from working with databases for the past 3 days. The process of database manipulation seems to be more than a little draining to me. Database design is something I haven’t really looked at since 1998. That’s right 9 years ago. It was not the most interesting aspect of this field when I started and oddly enough, it remains rather limited in its interestingability. Downright dull some might call it. Others love databases, and I am glad those people exist. Without their existence people would have to wait for people like me who dislike databases to work databasey magic. My databasey magic skills are weak. Weak I tell you.

All that being said, I must gird myself up to take on a new task. A new project. The project of the ages. The project of tomorrow. The project of my near future that must be done by the 17th of October.

To Recap:

It seems that the powers that be have blocked blogs again
So I will be posting yet again from the homestead
I have another headache
Not quite a pine marten in my skull headache
Fluffy, don’t be sad
I’m sure you will be able to cause a headache for me real soon!
Tomorrow is digital Thursday
I will have a reworked Namor
And I will be debutting Apache Chief on the blog
And maybe one other if I have time tonight