It never ceases to amaze me. Wifey goes out of town and Little Man gets sick. Almost as soon as I shut the door after sending her on her way to Michigan, Little Man sniffed. This time (and most times really) the sniffles were generated not out of any remarkable sadness. Last night the only thing that kept him from falling asleep absolutely immediately was the near constant /sniff /sniff (shout out to all you mmorpg-ers out there! Err.. I mean /shout Can I get a whoop! Whoop! /end shout). This morning the sniffing intensified. It is what sniffles do. And now? Now I have a little boy who is on the outside stages of being sick with a cold.

Breathing treatments until the sniffle goes away. His breathing is already starting to slide. Yeee-HAW! I love this crap. It is a bit early in the season for him to have symptoms like this, but it it is not completely unsurprising. What is surprising is that he is having these difficulties because the weather is just like August, and August is during his good season. The weather really has lulled me into a false sense of security. Because, even though the weather is similar, the allergens in the air and relative humidity are different. It is this difference that makes all the, ummm… well… difference. (I are good with the words)

The other main worry that I am contending with is that if his illness progresses, he will not be allowed to be in pre-school tomorrow. If he cannot go to pre-school, I probably should not inflict him upon his 2 elderly caregivers with compromised immune systems as well. That will mean another day (at least) at home with Little Man. I want to clear something up right now before it goes any further. A day at home with Little Man is not necessarily a bad thing, but I have an extremely finite amount of paid time off accumulated at the moment. I would much rather spend that time with a well Little Man than an ill one. The ill one tends to be very demanding and quite whiney. Needless to say, it might be absolutely necessary for me to burn that PTO.

I will prepare this evening as if we are going to be accomplishing the typical Tuesday routine when Wifey is not home. Drop his butt off at pre-school, go to work and pick his little butt up from his caregivers at 5. I will let you know tomorrow how this pans out.

To recap:
This weather is nuts
I have lots of house chores that need to be done
I miss Wifey
Heck, we all miss Wifey
I thought of better topic this weekend
But I forgot it
Tomorrow’s 20 questions will be on “Reading”
There is also a chance that it will be about
“What do you ask a guy who is cooped up with a sick kid?”