Digital Thursday

It is digital Thursday and I am going to regale you with some Scarecrow pics. All of these are of the Batman super villain, the Scarecrow. Ooooooh scary.

The initial offering was what I posted in the sketch challenge that I attempt to enter into weekly. It is all graphite on paper, and done by traditional methods only.

The second offering is the same pic having been tweaked for color rather quicklyt in Photoshop.

The third offering is the final version with some textural touches added to it.

That’s all for Digital Thursday

To recap:
Wifey is heading out of town tomorrow morning
She will be back Monday afternoon
I will miss her greatly
Little Man will miss her more
Because Little Man will be stuck with me
Knock, Knock
Who’s there?
It’s an insane sinus headache!
Have a great weekend everyone