Little Man has a future in television. I know. I know. Many many parents out there think that their kid is perfect for being a star. Honestly, I have no idea whether Little Man would be star material or not. I also know many a parent thinks their kid is soooo cute that they just have to be on TV or in movies. This is not what I am talking about today (although Little Man is dreadfully cute). Little Man has a future in a very particular niche in the television acting world.

Little Man would be perfect for infomercials. Sadly, he is not verbal enough to be the spokesperson or the sales guy. His attention span wanders too easily for him to be the attentive cohost listening to the salesguy. Little Man would be perfect for a different yet vital role in the infomercial industry. Little Man would be the absolute best at demonstrating how difficult, nay! how impossible it is to accomplish every day tasks without whatever the heck the infomercial was hocking. He could be one of the 5 examples of how difficult it is to do something the traditional way.

When Little Man doesn’t want to do something, he will half-heartedly and clumsily bring himself to abject failure at the task at hand. He then looks at you with exasperation and shrugs his shoulders as if to say, “I don’t know how you can expect me to put on my socks. It is incredibly too hard – difficult to the point of completely unattainable – for me to accomplish on my own.”

He will find it amazingly impossible to put toys into the conventional toy box… which is why You should get your frustrated child the new Toy Receptacle 4020 with the rapid toy loading feature…

He has nothing to grab onto to pull his sock over his foot… which is why you need the Incredible Sock Puller to assist with those hard to grasp sock emergencies.

He couldn’t possibly be able to get his feet in those shoes… well at least not without the Shoehorninator. The Shoehorninator is designed for helping get feet in those hard-to-get-feet-into shoes.

I wish I had video of his self-enforced ineptitude

To Recap:
I am tired
I think I have tomorrow’s Digital Thursday piece ready
It is snazzy
In a sort of retro 1980’s way
A retro 1980’s sort of way that does not include anything Reaganomical
There is no such thing as Trickle Down Digital Art
At least one should not Google that phrase
I haven’t, but I am scared at what it would return
The Intertubes is a scary place
A scary scary place