Digital Thursday

Oh, Digital Thursday, how you make my blogging life so simple, yet so hard. Digital Thursday simplifies my life because I do not have to come up with a topic to write about. Yet, it does make me create something digitally. This past week I finished up this particular pic.

Okay, motivation for this one…. I have always liked Daredevil. The intent with this painting was to create a pin-up-esque pic of DD that was a bit non-traditional in posing. I wanted it to look like he was actually listening forward instead of looking forward, so his head goes to the side. I did not want his figure to be overly muscled so I toned him down just a bit.

Anyway, this was done 100% within Adobe Photoshop CS3. Sometimes I draw something by hand and then scan it in and digitally modify it, not with this baby! There are 7 different layers within the piece itself: the background black, the rough colors, gross shading, refined shading, color dodge highlights, color burn shadows, and the black line work. I am very happy with this result.

Things I would like to add eventually. A cityscape background, texture to the cloth, maybe some varied lighting sources. Who knows. I might jump on this one again later.

To Recap:
The final vote for Comic Book Idol 3 are going on right now
It is a doozy
The voting ends at 3pm EST today
Had a lunch seminar today
I think I would have done better with a nap
Next week is Thanksgiving Week
The house needs so much cleaning, it is not even funny
Then comes the cooking
Little Man has discovered board games
Yesterday when I went to pick him up, he was playing checkers
He asked for my help with the checkers
Wifey will giggle with glee about this, for I have no skill with the checkers
I didn’t really help him too much
Have a great weekend everyone