Digital Thursday

So today I decided to go with something a bit more artsy fartsy for Digital Thursday while still remaining grounded in the comic book medium. I decided to give a silhouette treatment to the Fantastic Four (Generic comic book FF not the movie FF).

This is still a work in progress so please bear with the areas that still need work.

I need to work on my Thing… ummm… that just sounded all wrong. The figure in the lower left needs some work. I also think I need to do something more interesting with Mr Fantastic. The invisible woman needs something as well. It is difficult to adequately silhouette an invisible person. Basically I am only happy with The Human Torch at the moment.

To recap:
Dinner tonight shall be something of Little Man’s choosing
It will most likely consist of something root beer-ish to drink
And something that reacts well to ketchup as a main course
I am not certain of this… just playing the odds
But before I can attempt to make dinner, I will need to put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher
For they are stacked and taking up great space with their food encrustedness
Blessed be the dish scrapers
For they assist the dishwasher in its cleaning
Have a great weekend