Digital Thursday is upon us yet again. I have a smattering of things for everyone to look at today. By “smattering” I mean two.

Thing the first: A while back I showed you the beginnings of a new Godzilla post. Well, here is the finished product. I have titled it “I Come from the Water.” Initially I was going to have the big guy going through a Tokyo streetscape, but then I realized I don’t have the talent to pull that off.

The final file ended up being 12 layers and rather beefy in file-size. I took longer to do since I re-organized it in the middle of working on it. That is why digital is a much better media for me than others.

Thing the second: This is a quick digital sketch I did of Ewan MacGregor. The final version is what you see here. I didn’t layer this one at all. Just raw digital painting on a black background. I think I spent around 30 minutes on it while waiting for a 2 x10 foot (61 x 304 cm) plot to finish printing.

I used this photo as reference.

I think the image has taken on a more Liev Schreiber vibe than an Ewan vibe

If I could find a picture of Liev Schreiber wearing that suit and standing in that position. I would be spot on.

To recap:
Not sure what is for dinner tonight
It might be leftovers
I am still rather tired
Penguins are funny because they waddle
We are buying a skylight tomorrow
Weeeeeeeee... Skylight
The counters for the kitchen should be here the last week of January
New appliances are being delivered February 1
We still need to get countertops
This kitchen is going to kick so much ass
It should because it is a kick in the wallet
It also means that I need to paint
Very soon even
No, sooner than that
Picture, if you will, slate gray cabinetry with lime green walls and a stainless steel counter top

That is nothing like what our kitchen will look like
Factoid: Liev Screiber narrates the PBS show Secrets of the Dead
Have a great weekend everyone.