Size depends on perspective

Last night Little Man wanted to have a stuffed animal to snuggle with as he fell asleep. No big deal, we are happy when his requests are that simple. The stuffed animal he chose was a Toys R Us Geoffrey the Giraffe stuffed animal that he has had since he was born. He probably has not played with this particular stuffed animal in over a year.

He grabbed the giraffe and hugged it fiercely as we got back to the bed for the rest of the evening ritual. A few minutes later he asked me, “Why is the giraffe smaller?”

“The giraffe is smaller?”

“Yeah, it used to be much bigger. Why did it shrink?”

“Oh, Punkin Pie, the giraffe didn’t get smaller. You just got much bigger. Stuffed animal giraffes don’t grow, but little boys do.”

“But, it used to be bigger.”

“Nope, you used to be much smaller.”


To recap:
Same thing happened to me when I went to my previously cavernous grade school cafeteria as an adult
That room was much smaller for adults
Digital Thursday tomorrow shall be huge
Well, maybe not huge
Kinda big-ish?
I was up entirely too long last night
But I got to sleep in this morning
That was heavenly
I think it is supped to be hamburgers for dinner tonight
Little Man will not be pleased
I think he wants pizza
Who will win?
Any takers?