Digital Thursday

Digital Thursday, it is nice to see you again.

Today’s installment of Digital Thursday comes at you in 2 parts.

Part the first.
The cartoon “The Challenge of the Super Friends” and its subsequent versions was a staple of my childhood. Saturday morning just would not be the same without watching Superman, Batman, and Robin thwarting Lex Luthor and the Legion of Doom. It was one of the cartoons that got me interested in comic books and therefore into drawing. Thanks Super Friends! Bok! Bok! Anyway… there were all these DC marquee players on the show and then a cast of second and third tier schmoes. Sure the second raters sometimes had better powers than the primary cast, but that is beside the point (I’m looking at you cartoon version of Aquaman!).

Even as a kid some of what should have been the supporting cast got too much air time. The stupid bumbling kids in the first season, and the Wonder Twins in later seasons. How is it that Superman and Wonder Woman couldn’t defeat the Legion of Doom but 2 twelve year old kids with homemade costumes and a talking dog, or a bucket of water, a wooly mammoth, and a semi-understandable monkey could? I guess somethings are better left unknown.

Anyway… just above the kid centric main characters who were invented for the show were the second tier heroes of the Super Friends. These were characters created just for the cartoon to give the heroic cast more of a United Colors of Benetton feel. Hanna Barbera (The animation company) decided that there needed to be more color in the cast and added Apache Chief, Black Vulcan, El Dorado, and Samurai, because stereotypes are something to strive for. Anyway, between the jive and broken English, these heroes somehow assisted the heavy hitters in their quest to do good.

I have already shown you my version of Apache Chief, today I shall give you Black Vulcan!

Nice pants!

Part the Second:
B over at e-lah posted up this meme. Now, I typically don’t get all memelicious, but this one is kind of fun. So without further ado, the meme:

The Visionary Album Cover Meme

1. Go here, and take the title of the article that comes up as your band name.

2. Go here, and take the last four words of the last quotation as your album name. (Fell free to refresh the page a few times before you get four words that make sense. Others have fudged on the number four.)

3. Finally, go here to this randomized assortment of nifty photos, and take the upper-right-hand photo as your cover photo. Bonus points for squaring the image to make it look more albumish.

Here is mine.

I went with 5 words in the quote instead of 4 since it needed the first word to make a real phrase.

I look forward to seeing Dustin’s

To Recap:
Today is Wifey’s last day at work
Now I expect her to be barefoot and in the kitchen
The pregnant part is taken care of
We are having the delivery of the appliances postponed til Monday
The cabinetry gets here tomorrow
The countertops are already here
The kitchen is about to get much much cooler
I think my hands need moisturizer… but I am a guy
So that ain't happening
El Dorado is the next up in my colllection of culturally innappropriate Super Friends
Have a great weekend everyone