All the components are in place. We have cabinetry (one needs to be replaced due to a break). We have countertops. We have appliances (one needs to be replaced since it was clearly dropped). The issue is that all of these constituent pieces are not assembled. Our dining room is a maze of cabinetry in boxes. Our existing kitchen is applianceless, and the new kitchen is not ready for prime time as of yet.

Supposedly the major wall demolition will be occurring tomorrow to remove the old exterior wall to create a 6 1/2 foot entry way from the old kitchen to the new. Associated with this demo, the electrical work is supposed to be finalized, the gas line is supposed to be switched and the plumbing should be finalized as well. Should should should. I have money on all those things not happening tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong, I think our contractor will do everything in his power to make it happen tomorrow, but I just understand that there are just too many systems and processes that have to happen correctly for that to be realistic. Hopefully we will only be out of commission kitchen-wise for a mere week.

Therefore this week will be a week of restaurant frequenting. It takes having a workable kitchen arrangement to actually cook. Tonight? I have no idea what will be for dinner, but we aren’t cooking it. Tomorrow? The same.

So… here we are in the midst of the Kitchen re-model for reals.

To recap:
No stove and no dishwasher make SRH go crazy
By all means these are not the only conditions to do so
“Cleaning out” the old fridge and detaching the other appliances took a long time last night
And this morning
I define “cleaning out” to mean “removing food” and not the application of any specific cleanser in this instance
They delivered the new stuff at 8:15 this morning
I unhooked the dishwasher at 7 this morning
That involved many tools and much banging about in the kitchen and basement
I am exhausted
Little Man is a bit under the weather today
This “a bit under the weather” seems to be lingering for him
Wifey is having trouble maintaining her eat/not eat balance
She goes from fine to starving tiger in 2 seconds
Thanks pregnancy!