Naming Conventions

The modern Yeti of the Himalayas is an elusive and hidden beast. The modern name “Yeti” is derived from one of the indigenous languages of the Nepalese area. It is a bastardized anglacanized version of the word Yah-Teh." The word Yah-Teh directly translates to “That thing there.”

Yep, you read that correctly. Our modern title for a mysterious creature of the frozen roof of the world translates almost directly to “The whatchamacallit.” Here we are in our insulated western languages thinking that the word “Yeti” has some intrinsic value when it turns out that the word basically translates to refer to something to which someone is pointing.

AAAAAAACK!!!! That Thing There!

The salt shaker?

No! That Thing There!!!

The tree?

That Thing There!!!

The snow? What? What is it that you want me to look at? Can you be more descriptive? Oh, you mean the large furry biped who is trudging through the snow. Why didn’t you just say that?

Might I suggest calling it a furred demon, a wild man beast, the mountain spirit, the scary thing over there that shouldn’t be, or even Jimmy(or even better Jimmy, the scary thing over there that shouldn’t be). Call it something more descriptive than “That thing there.” Imagine if you wanted me to pass you a bowl and you said “Hey, can you hand me that thing there?”… to which I would scream and run away fearing that my life would be ended by a mythological primate with questionable intentions?

El Chupacabra = Goat Sucker.

Sasquatch = Wild man of the woods

Orang Pendek = Short person

Yeti = That thing over there

Which one of these three doesn’t belong?

Nice naming convention. How do you refer to bread? “Stuff for eating.”

To recap:
Digital Thursday is ready
I am pretty happy with how it turned out
I might take some time to splain it more
I have some environmental maps that need to be finished up
I am pretty close to having them done though
Lunch was wholly unsatisfying
I slept for crap last night
Wifey is ill today
Her last day of work is tomorrow
They are sending her off with a big hoot-nanny tomorrow afternoon
I here there will be refreshments
I am sadly not invited…