This morning on my way into work it hit me like a ton of bricks. “Hey, I could open up my sunroof”… and I did. I opened up the sunroof with wild abandon. It was like I was one of those girls on the Girls Gone Wild videos except I am a guy, I wasn’t drunk, I have fairly high self esteem, and it was only my sunroof… but the wild abandon and the “who cares if they see this attitude” was there. That counts for something, right?

It is January 2008 in central Ohio and I am driving to work with my sunroof open. Anybody else see this as atypical weather? I know a bunch of you out there will be thinking, “Just be glad that it is so nice out.” Well stop thinking that. I would rather it be super cold in January and February so that March, April and May won’t have any cold spells. As it is, for every nice day we see in January, we get 3 crap ones in March or April. Put that in your crack-pipe and smoke it fair weather junkies!

The other big issue with it being a whopping 62° F (16.667° C) here is that it is playing havoc with my ever so sensitive sinuses. I cannot survive going from 20° F to 60° F in a week’s time. Pick a temp and stay with it for a while. Is that so much to ask? Clearly it is.

My head hurts, my hair is messed up, and I am whiney.

To recap:
I could probably cut glass with some of the dry skin on my hands
Or my left elbow
Or my ankles
I should probably use lotion
New shirt today and I have already gotten 3 compliments
I need to start exercising again
Listening to Pizza Day by the Aquabats!
More bands need to less full of themselves
Hooray for Pizza Day
Why, Fluffy, I have been expecting you
I need to get some food
Because food is good
I already have stuff for Digital Thursday
It is only Monday
The continuation of the Holiday Season 20 Questions Tuesday will take place tomorrow
It will be all fat and bloated from the holiday feasting
Who would have thought that Chutes and Ladders would be so captivating
Oh, college students, my bad