20 Questions Tuesday: 81 - Laziness

Today’s topic is one that is near and dear to my heart. Today’s topic for 20 Questions Tuesday is Laziness. I have been lazy for more years than I have been alive. “How is that possible” you ask? Well, when you are as good at being lazy as I am, it is like 2 lazy people accomplishing nothing. I am so efficient at being lazy it stuns other people into shocked awe inspired stupors. My Laziness causes others to do nothing… in admiration. Now, my dear readers, that is lazy.

Anyway, thanks this week go to Dustin, ACW, Belsum, Allrileyedup, and JW. Thanks for getting off your collective duffs and getting me these questions.

On to the questions:

1. Who’s lazier: Garfield or Homer Simpson?
I would have to say Garfield because Homer Simpson has held many a job, in fact he has been an Army Private, agent, ambulance driver, amateur-division professional arm wrestler, astronaut, attack-dog trainer, baby proofer, bartender, blackjack dealer, bodyguard, bootlegger, bowling alley employee, boxer, butler, candle maker, car designer, carny, CEO, chauffeur, Chief of Police, choreographer, chiropractor, clown, clerk, coach, cook, con artist, conceptual artist, day-acre worker, detective, drug smuggler, door-to-door salesman, executive, farmer, film critic, film producer, fireman, fish monger, fisherman, food critic, fortune cookie writer, garbage commissioner, grease collector, guard, ice cream truck driver, impotency spokesman, informant, ISP, inventor, lucadore, mall Santa Claus, manager, marriage counselor, mascot, mayor, mini-golf assistant, missionary, mob boss, monorail conductor, mountain climber, musician, night school teacher, oil rig worker, one man band, opera singer, ordained minister, outsider artist, owner, paparazzo, performance artist, personal assistant, prank monkey, public speaker, roadie, railroad engineer, rollercoaster rebuilder, referee, safety inspector, Saftey Salamander, sailor, Salesman, security officer, silhouette model, smuggler, snowplow driver, softball player, superhero, talk show host, town crier, trucker, union leader, used car salesman, voice actor, and a webmaster to name a few. Garfield, however, has only been a cat

2. I find that I’m most lazy on Sunday afternoons. Is this a common national affliction, or merely something that only North-westerners feel?
I think Sunday is the laziest day for most everyone whose work-week starts on Mondays.

3. Laziest animal in the world?
The Koala… it sleeps a lot and gets by on its cuteness.

4. Should I add this poster to my birthday wish list?
Add anything you want to your birthday wish list, it is your wish list. You don't have to ask me. I'm not your keeper. Sheeesh!

5. If there was a job that lazy people gravitated towards, what would said job be?
Truly lazy people are like super cooled liquids and slowly slide and ooze down the path of least resistance. I guess their job would be “ooze.”

6. What’s the difference between laziness and procrastination?
Procrastination is putting off something that could be done at the moment to do it later at an accelerated pace with questionable results. Lazy is not doing anything. Procrastinators often get stuff done, lazy people don’t.

7. Is laziness the same as not caring?
Nope, that would be apathy. Don’t get me wrong, there is a certain level of apathy that a lazy person must achieve, but one can be apathetic and not be lazy.

8. Shouldn't I feel better about being lazy? - I just feel soo guilty - what should I do about the feeling of guilt?
Here is our relativeness to the size of the universe. It is important, when being lazy, to realize that every individual is truly and honestly insignificant.

9. What’s up with the La-Z-Boy chair? Why would anyone buy a chair with that name?
Cause they are comfy

10. Has being lazy caused you to miss (at least in hindsight) a very worthwhile activity?
Not that I am aware of that would have taken effort to find out

11. What if I’m too lazy to send you any questions?
Then you should not have sent this question

12. What if you’re too lazy to actually respond to any questions?
I am skilled at being lazy, so I am not worried about that.

13. Why is it called a Lazy Susan?
Because the "Innovative Susan" wasn’t derogatory enough

14. Do you have and/or enjoy the La-Z-Boy?
We o have a La-Z-Boy, but it was purchased for the sole reason to make breast-feeding Little Man easier. Therefore the chair is the right size for Wifey and not the bigger guy she is married to.

15. What is your idea of a "lazy day"?
One that involves very little movement other than a 45 minute shower, preferable a shower with a chair in it.

16. Does sleeping in immediately constitute someone as being lazy?
Nope, sleeping is absolutely necessary, and "sleeping in" is a gift from the divine.

17. Is Godzilla lazy? I mean, he's so slow when it comes to destroying everything.
Nope, Godzilla is quite industrious. What we do not see from the movies is his extensive macramé hobby.

Now, Mothra, that Kaiju is lazy

18. Is it possible for parents to be lazy?
I have not found that to really be the case. Wifey has to be soooo un-lazy due to my laziness

19. What did you do/not do on your laziest day in history?
Uhhh… nothing. That was a silly question.

20. Are "bums" really lazy?
If by “bums” you mean srh-and-others-like-him’s ass, then "yes." If you are talking about the homeless, I am going to go with a big old “No.” Survival takes a bunch of energy.

To recap:
Sink is in and all should be usable by this evening
Dishwasher is in and all should be usable by this evening
The new kitchen is now officially usable
We will be cooking tomorrow
We might even be cooking this evening
Little Man said something about pancakes
And pancakes shall be his…
So it shall be written
So it shall be done