Nothing to post about today, so here we go with another writing exercise. This one is “write about combat in first person.”

Just concentrate on breathing. Breath is life. Feint. Life is breath. Parry. The flurry of activity around me is blinding, I just focus all my thoughts on the breath. Thrust. Instinct saves me. Kill. Instinct driven by countless hours of training. Parry. Spin. Instinct honed in countless melees. Pivot. Thrust. Another kill. Breathe in. Three more. Breathe out. Concentrate on the breath. Dodge. Breath is life. Lunge. Life is breath. Kick. Breathe. I am alive. I am breathing. My sword drags across one of them. I dodge the other’s lunge. Three down. Breathe in. Breathe out. They have no choice, but to attack. Breathe. I have no choice, but to kill. I make it swift. Not deep and slow like my breathing.

One more. The dance slows, but I keep my breathing steady. His breath is ragged and heavy. Breathe in. Action. Reaction. Instinct. Time slows more. Feint. Breathe out. Parry. Focus on the breathing. His breath is irrelevant. Breathe in. Move. Breathe out. Advance. Lunge. Breathe in. Retreat. Breath is life. Life is breath. Parry. Spin. Time slows even more. I see his blade. I breathe in as the blade passes. Parry. I breathe out as I move it out of the way. I slow down my breathing more. I slow down time even more. I lunge. I thrust. I parry. I breathe. He lunges. I hit. I kick. I thrust. I breathe. He doesn’t. Time speeds back up to normal, and I take a deep breath.

Meh, I am not sure if I like it, but it is only an exercise.

To recap:
I miss my constant caffeine high
Should be able to use the sink tonight
I have a dental appointment tomorrow morning
I haven’t been flossing much
Oh well
Not sure what is on tap for tomorrow’s Digital Thursday