Digital Thursday

In honor of the unveiling of the new Captain America I whipped this up. The black and white version was for one of them there Ten Ton Studios’ Sketch Challenges. I didn’t win.

Let's be clear, I am like third tier talent over there.

My initial version had the wrong mask. It was like batman with an “A” on his head and little wings instead of bat ears.

For a second I almost went on a rant about the direction they have taken Captain America, but you guys wouldn’t care less.

My belly is feeling better, but my intestines are giving me some issues.

To Recap:
Going to work on the counter tops tomorrow
Wait… did he just say that his intestines were giving him “some issues?”
Ewwwwwww…. That’s disgusting!
I have work that I am neglecting
I guess I should get back to that
Have a great weekend everyone