Stupid Stomachabitch

Last night I was up until stupid early because my stomach was on fire. A strong burning sensation in my belly made laying down and sleeping nearly impossible. I have had a track record of upper gastro-intestinal issues and pretty consistently take medication to alleviate some of the more tiresome symptoms. Forget the Prilosec for 3 days and the belly will let you know.

But the issue last night was something more than mere GERD. Last night was something… well, something more . Now I have to go about the arduous task of finding a new primary care physician. The previous 2 that I have most recently seen changed practices to areas of town that are not at all convenient.

Anyway, I am preoccupied with belly woes, so this post will be rather short.

To recap:
Crackers and water are not a way to live
I am tired of burping
Stupid Stomchabitch