20 Questions Tuesday: 84 - Attire

So, since I have opened up my t-shirt shoppe I have just been raking in the sales. So far even I have not bought a shirt yet… but on Friday (a payday) there might be a purchase for a certain someone in my house. Anyway… in creating the The U.C. T-Shirt Shoppe I got to thinking about clothing, so today’s topic is “Attire.”

Thanks this week go to Sparky, ACW, Belsum , and JW

On to the questions:

1. What's your favorite piece of "flair" to wear?
I have an olive green booney hat that I used to wear all the time, but I am thinking of up-grading to the Columbia Sportswear Bora Bora Booney.

2. Uggs boots - cool, comfy, practical or Uggs-ly?
Uggs are practical if one is an Inuit and lives on the ice and frozen tundra of the great white north. Uggs are completely ludicrous when it is 70 outside and partly cloudy on the treacherous streets of L.A.

3. Complete this sentence..."Almost every woman looks good wearing..."
Uh.. diamonds… this one seemed kind of like a set-up…

4. Complete this one..."Really, no woman should be caught dead wearing..."
A poncho. If your name is not Poncho Villa, you should politely turn down opportunities to wear ponchos. FYI: if your name is Poncho Villa, you are required to wear a poncho

5. Can you tell me about a favorite piece of clothing or outfit from your elementary school days? Something YOU really dug, not something the p's made you wear.
Hmmmm… nothing is really coming to mind here. In elementary school I did not really have any particular clothes that I remember being attached to. The only thing I can think of is a Scotty’s Hardware t-shirt that I had from the now-defunct Florida based hardware chain.

6. Green on St Patrick's Day - appropriate for non-Irish? or even necessary for those of true Irish descent?
Meh, I understand the sentiment behind “the wearin’ o’tha green,” but I think there should be something a bit more to the holiday than getting drunk whilst wearing a certain color.

7. The underwear with the butt flap - pretty handy - any particular reason this went out of fashion?
Ummm… it’s out of fashion? Why didn’t anyone tell me?

8. Why did pink come back as a color for men's clothes? I thought we got rid of it in the 80's
Pink as a men’s color is an interesting beast. In some ways it is about defying the conventional ideas about masculinity by being confident enough to wear a "soft" color. In other ways it is like watching a bad 80's TV dramas on TV. Pink shirts with white collars, suspenders and insanely pleated pants. I shudder

9. Will there be a widely accepted substitute for the necktie?
Yes, the “lack of tie,” God Willing! If there is one think I hate it is hippos, but a close second is a necktie. If a hippo was wearing a necktie…. Ohhhh, that hippo gonna die.

10. White after Easter or after Memorial Day?
I am white before after and during Easter. What kind of crappy question is this? Oh, wait, this is about attire. Context clues, SRH! Context clues!

Okay here we go…No one reigns in the Pope for his fashion faux pas, it is like he gets a get-out-of-jail-free pass or something. What’s that about? (after Easter, by the way)

11. Thongs?
No thank you, footwear or other

12. Suspenders?

13. Leg warmers?

14. Fanny packs?

15. Bow ties?

16. Biggest fashion faux pas you see?
Well, I am not a fashion expert or even remotely a fashionista, but the biggest thing that I see that makes people look bad is wearing clothes that do not fit. I don’t care if someone can shoehorn themselves into a pair of 32 jeans or into a size 4, if you overfill the clothes, no matter what the label says you will look fat.

17. Which will come back first? Neck Ruffles, or ascots
Ascots. They seem more useful than ruffles.

18. Be honest. Did you ever have a pair of "Moon Boots"
Nope, never did.

19. When is the last time you wore a tuxedo?
Hmmm…. I think it might have been at my wedding…

20. Do you thing lil' man will grow up to primarily wear oxford shirts and loafers or t-shirts and Birkenstocks?
I am not sure what style will dictate to Little Man. I am also not sure what style he will adopt as his own. At the moment, he seems to like to put short sleeve shirts on over his long sleeve pajamas. He rawks the jamas!

To recap:
Looks like Wifey is getting the cold Little Man had
She is also going to Nova Scotia next week
Little Man’s preschool is awesome
I just don’t understand why they need a week and a half off for “Spring Break”
I have one thing ready for Digital Thursday
I would like one more
Buy a t-shirt!
Listening to: Don't You Evah by Spoon off of Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga...