Three Things

Three Things--

Thing the First: Having Gaelic ancestry, I find it necessary to have something O’bligatory in the blog about Saint Patrick’s Day. The interesting thing about St Patrick’s day is that there weren’t really any snakes in Ireland before he got there anyway. His accomplishment of ridding the Emerald Isle of snakes* is akin to my glorious accomplishment of removing the hippos from Columbus, Ohio. While both statements are true, they are a bit misleading, well, except the one about me getting rid of the hippos in Columbus, Ohio. I can fuck a hippo up, yo!**

Thing the Second: Little Man is a flipping brilliant artist. Seriously, the stuff he paints is really really good. They would be artistic genius if what he put on paper was even remotely intentional. Seriously, if he were a 58 year old white artiste going by the moniker Bello, and his paintings were 4’ x 6’ he would be opening to sold out gallery shows every weekend.

Exhibit the First: Composition in Yellow

Exhibit the Second: Study in Contrast

Exhibit the Third: Gurple

Seriously, artist types would eat babies to be able to throw together compositions like these. If there were any intention behind his actions, I am positive that he could be considered an artistic genius. Even as a parent who is smitten by his excellence, I understand that he is just having fun and it happens to be with a brush laden with paint.

If he were an 85 year old woman with a 5th grade education, he would be rolling in the money with these paintings.


Every once and a while that thought just seems to creep into my head.

To Recap:
The U.C. T-shirt Shoppe is open and ready for business
I will have no idea what to do if I actually see one of these shirts on someone I don’t know
If you see something and would like it in a different format, let me know
I can modify stuff
Umm… I meant to say that sales are skyrocketing and you should all get at least 3 t’s before they have to shut down the shop for clogging up the Internet
I constructed a new filing cabinet system for Wifey
It was part of her spoils from the Ikea hunting trip
Wifey is happy when she is filing

*I understand that the serpents in Ireland were in fact the serpentine tattoos associated with druids. In this case “Ridding the isle of snakes” means “got rid of the pesky druids.”

**Proper equipment is necessary