Just a Recap

Just a recap today. I am topicless and would rather blunder through the stream of consciousness poetry that is a recap than string together some weakly constructed prose a la the Writing Exercise.

Without further ado…

To Recap:
If one does not belong to an organization with a uniform, one should not dress like the person to whom one is adjacent
It really is just stupid
Wifey: I’m a snotty disgusting person, Husband.
How does a husband respond to that one?
I have many responses that are INCORRECT at the tip of my tongue
Today is my brother’s birthday
I need to figure out a way to sleep better/more
This sleep deprivation stuff just isn’t hacking it
Wifey is out of town all of next week
I don’t know how single parents do it
I am not looking forward to her absence
I got the hairs cut today, Thanks JW!
I don’t mind rain, but seriously, this can stop now
My basement is weeping for all of this rain
I define “weeping” as water coming up through the cracks
Tonight shall be a night of soggy laundry
I mean, really, why dress alike, People?
You are holding each other’s hand, we know you are together
Matching shirts just make you look stupid
Matching shirts AND matching pants make me question your intelligence even more
Evan Moore would be an unfortunate name
There are just too many jokes
This is coming from a guy whose name rhymed with “potty fart” as a kid
Themikestand thought this would change my opinion about the arrogant needs-to-be-killed hippo
It is amusing and I have decided not to hunt the rare New Zealand Hiphopopotamus
But the hippo is still on my shit list
Little Man is pining for the Hungry Hungry Hippos game
We will use it as a training tool for baiting hippos
Seriously people, wearing the exact same thing as your significant other is just plain weird
Major League Soccer starts up in 10 days
Wifey is sooo not happy about that little tidbit
One thing she hates is the noise associated with televised games
She especially hates the color commentary
Yet she loves the personal interest crap when the Olympics are going on
She is an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, hungry for steak
If you really love what your significant other is wearing, might I suggest wearing it later that week
Buy a T-shirt!
John P, Little Man has nothing to do with the production of t-shirts
In fact, I bet he would be detrimental to t-shirt production
He would be good at watching the t-shirts get shipped by a train to far off places such as Montana
Digital Thursday tomorrow
Listening to Cream and Bastards Rise by Harvey Danger off of their Little by Little release