Digital Thursday

I think I will start up one of those Cafépress shops this weekend. They are free and I would only get money if people bought shirts and stuff from it. So far I only have 2 designs that I am working with… and they are the subject of today’s DIGITAL THURSDAY!

First up is from Monday’s Atlantis post.

And second up is more general.

Eventually, I will get a “real” domain name and put that on the back, but I do find the blog url being a .blogspot address to be funny in its own right.

To recap:
You too could own these fine T-shirt designs
When I get the site set up, I will link it here
Probably Saturday
I will keep trying to add designs
Wifey is going to the new Ikea this weekend
She needs filing cabinets
She likes to be organized
Go figure
Have a great weekend everyone