Digital Thursday

So today’s digital Thursday post is a pic I did for the No-Prize Sketch Challenge over at Ten Ton Studios. The challenge was to draw some good old fashioned Nick Fury. I decided to make an attempt at a 1960-ish Soviet propaganda poster idea. I am pretty happy with the results. The initial image without “weathering” is this one

And with weathering we have this one.

All total this is probably about 4 or 5 hours in Photoshop with shit tons of layers. Actually the layer control on this was one of the worst I have had to deal with in a long time.

Question for those willing to comment: Which do you feel is better, the “clean” version or the “weathered” version?

To recap:
I have much stuff to clean up today
And tomorrow
Gobs of laundry
Got a HEPA filter for the asthmatics in the house
It seemed to help last night
Probably will be getting another this weekend
Wifey leaves stupid early on Monday morning for Nova Scotia
No one is looking forward to that
Especially the Nova Scotians
… The Nova Scots
… Yes, the Nova Scots
Listening to Fiona Apple's Sleep to Dream from Tidal
Have a great weekend everyone