Man Crush

It is really sad. I have a man-crush on Ming Tsai. For those of you who don’t know who Ming Tsai is, he is a chef who grew up in Dayton, Ohio and now has a wildly popular restaurant in Boston, Massachusetts called Blue Ginger (even though he has publicly stated that he is a Mary Ann guy himself… who isn’t really? I mean, come on… Mary Frikken’ Ann. YOWZA!)

ummm anyway… Ming Tsai is this insanely good chef. The thing I really like about him is that he really does attempt to cook really simple things, and usually he creates a recipe that Wifey and I would absolutely love right until he adds some last ingredient. Typically we will be watching in awe of his cooking, mentally copying his recipe until he adds a whole fish head and a pickled pepper that would make demons cream for mercy.

Anyway… I had lost track of the wonderful Ming when he jumped ship from the Food Network. He had the show East Meets West and then Ming’s Quest, but then he fell off into cable obscurity. He showed up on the inaugural Iron Chef America to wipe the floor with Bobby Flay’s ass, but nothing from him any more. Turns out he decided to go for even more obscurity than Basic Cable channels. It turns out that he got a gig on PBS creating a show called Simply Ming. All this time on TV without me watching.

Anyway… last week he made a few dishes with a key ingredient of “Ginger Syrup.” There were two meals that he put together that both Wifey and I were really interested in. So far I have made the Ginger Beef with Onions twice and we are still waiting to put together the Ginger Chicken with Potatoes and Vegatables. Don’t get me wrong, on that show he did make a dish that required the use of “The Homer Chili” and the intestines of a small goat or something like that, but two of the recipes are definite winners.

Coupled with his wonderful food prep skilz, Ming Tsai is also hugely involved with the restaurant industry and food allergens. His little boy has a pretty severe allergy to peanuts, and he is becoming quite the advocate against restaurants not disclosing ingredients in their meals. So he is not only a great chef, but he is also an advocate for Little Man as well.

Basically this post boils down to the fact that Ming Tsai is dreamy in a gigantic Chinese way.

To recap:
I am not usually that into Asian men, but…
Wow, Wifey left this morning for Nova Scotia and I am confessing my love of another man
That is weird
You would think I would wait until day 3
I tempered it by being attracted to Dawn Wells, right?
Tomorrow’s 20 Questions is about single parenting
I have no idea how full-time single parents do it
Looking your way ZZ
All day with Little Man and we both still have all our fingers and toes