20 Questions Tuesday: 87 - Thirteen

Ah, Wifey was a bit disappointed about the lack of coverage for our 13 years together yesterday. So I decided to make sure that today’s 20 Questions was all about the number 13.

Thanks this week go to ACW, Dustin, Peefer, Lord Pithy, Sparky, JA Coppinger, and Allrileyedup.

On to the questions:
1. Is it wrong to have 13 as a favorite number?

2. I understand the Friday the 13th superstition came from the purging of the Templar Knights - does this have any truth?
That is no necessarily true. 13 was an “unlucky” number for a long time before the arrest of the templar knights. It is also unknown if the Templars were arrested on Friday the 13th as well. Ooooh mystery clouded in myth wrapped in confusion…

3. Know anybody born on the 13th - they're crazy right??
I am not aware of anyone I know being born on the 13th, but I do know many people whom are quite mad.

4. How screwed up would all our references be if we had 13 digits/fingers instead of 10?
We would not realize how messed up our references are/were because that would be the established numerical system.

5. Why are 13 year olds the bane of online multiplayers everywhere?
In general, 13 year olds are a bunch of selfish attention seeking pricks. Especially in groups.

6. The number 13 reversed is 31. Do I have to stop eating at Baskin-Robbins now?
You are still eating at Baskin-Robins?

7. If you had thirteen thin mint Girl Scout cookies, would you share any of them with anybody?
I would give them all away, for I am not under the spell of those devil treats.

8. A baker's gross: 145 or 156? Please explain.
145. A baker’s gross would include 1 extra to ensure proper flavor and texture.

9. Which Ocean's N movie was the best? Please provide an answer even if you haven't seen them all.
Of the recent glut of Ocean's N movies, Ocean’s 11. It is the only one I saw.

10. a)Do you remember your 13th birthday? b)Who was your crush, real or celebrity? c)What is your favorite memory of being 13 years old? d)Who was your favorite comic book hero when you were 13 years old?

a) yes
b) don’t remember
c) Nothing comes to mind… wait, my soccer team won the state tournament.
d) Cyclops

11. Which is the unlucky digit, 1 or 3?

12. I associate 13 with puberty. Do you have any unlucky associations with the number? Puberty by chance?
Why must you dredge up these bad memories? What Plane of Hell doth thou inhabit? Begone! Harass me no more foul daemon!

13. Who was your favorite member of the 80s brat pack?Hmmm… I have to pick? Ummm… Let’s say Demi Moore.

14. What McGyver tool would you create to escape a dull day at work and what office supplies would you use to create it?
Scotch tape, stapler, Sharpie pens, cyan toner, and Mountain Dew to create an ink bomb, to be detonated in the executive bathroom. I would call it the "Blue Man Group bomb."

15. Do you know the words to "Party All the Time" by Eddie Murphy?
My girl wants to party all the time
Party all the time
Party all the time

That was without looking up lyrics… impressed? Anyway, go look here.

16. The Cosby Show or Cheers? Definitely not The Golden Girls, right? Right?!
Both Cosby and Cheers. Wasn’t that the beginnings of Must See TV?

Questions 13 through 16 were brought to you by the year 1985. The year Sparky was 13.

17. Why is channel 13 always PBS?
Channel 13 was network in Birmingham, growing up. Boo- Frikkin Yah! You have been proven otherwise!

18. 13 Ghosts or The 13th Warrior . . . which was worse?
13 Ghosts. At least 13th Warrior tried to be a clever retelling on the Grendel tale.

19. Why do you think there’s no 13th law in the Code of Hammurabi? Unlucky, or ancient conspiracy?
Well, in Babylonian mathematics and religion 12 is a perfect number. The number system for Hammurabi was a heximal system based on the number 6. Therefore 12 is a more appropriate fit than 13. Why do I know this? Oh, yes, Babylonians were the ones that determined the 360° format for the circle, and that was because of a base 6 numerical system because the … you guys stopped reading didn’t you?

20. I hear that in other countries, they fear Tuesday the 13th. How lame is that?
Pretty lame. One should fear every Tuesday that they encounter not just the 13th!

And one to grow on.

21. Do you think people with thirteen fingers face lifetimes of bad luck and fear from the general public?
Yes, but it is more from their formian brow and super-strength than from the extra manual digits.

To recap:
It is review time here at work
Everybody is wearing their Sunday best
The reviews have already been turned in, wearing better clothes will not help
Really, those of you looking for nuggets of goodness in the recap, should be unhappy
Sorry for the disappointment
I need a hobby
Maybe I could impart wisdom from my hobby
Listening to One Night in Bangkok by Murray Head from the musical Chess