7 things

A few things to cover today.

Thing 1:

Thing 2:

Thing 3: Mom’s surgery went well. She is recovering nicely. Thanks for all the concern and well wishes. Her surgery was Friday afternoon and when I talked with her Friday night she informed me that I will definitely not be getting any more brothers or sisters. I assured my 64 year old post-op post menopausal mom that I was okay being her last offspring.

Thing 4: I went to the gym on Friday. I hurt now. Bad. I should be able to get back there soon, provided my aches and pains do not kill me before then.

Thing 5: The Duchess will be here before we know it

Thing 6: That scares the hell out of me. If you could see me now, there is a bunch of whimpering

Thing 7: Wifey and I have now been together for a whopping 13 years. Yep, 13 years ago this relationship started. I am pretty sure that 13 years ago we didn’t know what we were getting into and the bulk of the people who knew of us didn’t think that this would end up where we are in the here and now. A few into the relationship and there were inklings of the future, but 13 years ago was the unknown beginning.

Engagement came (relatively) soon after and marriage after that, but none of that would have happened without April 7.

To recap:
It has been a great 13 years, Wifey!
20 Questions Tuesday is up next
Little Man is disturbingly like me
Slump is the often forgotten about natural hazard
Even more ignored than a mudslide
Many a cliffside mansion should look into slump
I not only blog, I am also a public service
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Listening to My Body is a Cage by Arcade Fire for their release Neon Bible