Digital Thursday

I was going to work up something else, but I never got around to it.
This is now available in The U.C. T-Shirt Shoppe.

The drawback of Cafepress is that you can’t really have any non-standard printing. Meaning, I cannot have design go over the shoulder or placed over one of the hips. Cafepress pretty much limits the printing to a square in the center of the chest, left pocket area of the shirt, and the center of the back. Does anyone out there in cyberland know of an online T-shirt manufacturer that does odd placement screen prints?

Wifey keeps hounding me to come up with a T-shirt shoppe that specializes in non-crappy maternity t-shirts. Maternity shirts either have something stupid on them like “I’m with baby” or “Bun in the oven,” or they cost one’s arm and leg. Where is the middle of the road? Where?!?!

To recap:
I am in a fairly unproductive mood today
There is not much time until the pending arrival of the Duchess
I was going to draw a Dire Penguin…
Oh wait, I just did
Pencil on some crap paper
Scanned and releveled in Photoshop
Hey, Sassyfrass, anyone statting up a Dire Penguin for FotWS?
Listening to I Burn by the Toadies off of their debut Rubberneck
Have a great weekend everyone