Yeti, Bigfoot, Sasquatch

If there were a popularity contest between the Yeti, Bigfoot, and a Sasquatch, the Yeti would reign supreme. We all knew this to be true, who is not enamored by the wondrous being from the roof of the world. The ever loveable Yeti is by far the most well known of all the giant primate cryptids, and that is saying a lot. The thing is the Yeti is like that fly by night foreign exchange student that everyone starts out liking until they get to know him. Sure Anders is cute, Danish, speaks with a sexy accent, plays soccer, and dresses all metro, but ladies he also thinks women should stick to womanly things like oral sex. Seriously ladies, Ander’s only came to the US to get laid. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out…

Ummm… anyway, I believe I have a t-shirt design for the Yeti now. You will have to wait until tomorrow to for it to be unveiled.

To recap:
Stupid popular Yeti!
I don’t like you
… or Anders
I would have ranked them way different
Well as “way different” as you can rank three things
Wifey has another dinner time meeting tonight
Listening to Karma Police by Radiohead off of OK Computer
Radiohead is consistently more popular than the Yeti
…and Anders, the Danish Jerk!