Digital Thursday

Today’s Digital Thursday piece is a modification of my entry for this week’s Sketch Challenge over at Ten Tons Studios.

I will not win (yet again), but that is immaterial (at least that is what my weeping heart says between wracking sobs). What is important is that I am drawing again. This one is a combination of traditional hand drawing (Sharpies and highlighters) and some digital work on top of that. I give you my version of Colossus.

He looks sad.

To recap:
Little Man is sick today
His belly is roiling
Not really any other symptoms that we can tell
No fever
No chills
No aches or pains
No food in his belly
Let’s hope the pregnant lady doesn’t get ill
According to the labor and delivery nurses who helped bring Little Man in the world, vomiting is the most efficient form of pushing
Baby is low, engaged and primed for exiting
We aren’t ready for baby yet
So, no yarfing for you, Wifey
I am not listening to anything, for I forgot my iPod at home today
Have a great weekend