Some might say

So I have been staring at a blank page in Microsoft Word for about 20 minutes (off and on while trying to get work done and waiting on response from colleagues). The page does not seem to want to fill itself with witty banter. Stupid non-sentient computers.

I have started a post 3 times and all three of them have ended up in the digital equivalent of the good old “circular file.” Some might say that I have writer’s block. Some might say that supply is inversely proportional to demand. Some might say that you should salt and pepper between each step of a savory meal in order to build a depth of flavor. Some might say that hats are absolutely necessary. Some might even say that there are absolutely no absolutes. Some might even recognize the irony of those words. Some may not. Some might say that I am rambling. Some might say many things.

To recap:
I need more writing exercises
Or better writing ability
Or more sleep
I am going to stick with the “more sleep” possibility
It is the most likely culprit for my lack of ideation
Ideation is a silly word for thinkin’
Although it seems so much more heady than thinking
Skylight is in the kitchen
All I have left to do is stain the bathroom door and the kitchen windows
We are close to being done
So very close
Some might say
Listening to Rusty Cage by Soundgarden from Badmotorfinger