Digital Thursday

There are 4 Superfriends that were added to the mix to round out the team ethnically. They were added to the team in most culturally inappropriate way that they could imagine. The four were Apache Chief, Black Vulcan, El Dorado, and Samurai. They were all wonderfully stereotypical caricatures of their ethnicity. So far I have unleashed upon you my Apache Chief and my Black Vulcan. Today I give you my Samurai, Master of the Winds. Personally I think if he were in Samurai armor instead of samurai underwear he would be a more fearsome foe.

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This is done totally in Photoshop. I might go back in one day and make it more of a sumi-e looking work, but there is a bunch of other stuff on the to do list ahead of that.


To recap:
My allergies are completely kicking my ass right now
Of course the cotton wood does make it look like it snowed an inch overnight

To Do List:

Stain window sills
Put up knife holder
Hang toilet and hand towel holders
Duchess’s room:
Add word art to walls
Assemble crib
Get a rug?
Re-set up email accounts on new PC

Almost a manageable To Do list
Listening to Feel Good Inc. by the Gorillaz off of Demon Days
Have a great weekend everyone