Digital Thursday

I don’t have much to share today as far as Digital Thursday is concerned. I do have a work in progress that I am, uh… working on. It is of a stylized Flash, a-ah, he saved every one of us, Gordon. I am pretty close to having the major color areas blocked out. Next is adding a few levels of shadow and highlight, then I am going to try out some texture stuff to take it in a completely different direction than I am used to.

So without further ado, Flash, he's for everyone of us, stand for everyone of us, he'll save with a mighty hand, every man every woman, every child - with a mighty flash, Gordon

To recap:
Maybe next week I will remember my iPod docking station
Prolly not
The basement is very close to being a swimming pool
It poured last night
Little Man was a bit freaked out by the storms
Q slept through them in her mama’s arms
Origins is going on this weekend
I am not going
I seem to have better things to do
Those things involve either sleep or baby
But not both
Have a great weekend everyone