One if by land, two if by sea

Well, I live in Central Ohio, so it is the solitary lamp in the bell tower. Nothing attacks C-bus by sea!

That’s right the parents are making the trip to see Q, and Chez SRH is getting ready for the invasion. Tonight Wifey and I will fortify our positions and get ready for the inevitable parental encroachment.

Things on the Have to Get Done Before the Parents Get Here To Do List:
  • Drill into Little Man not to say who his least favorite grandparents are

  • Finish Q’s room, even though it will not be used for a while longer

  • Put away all bank statements and/or credit card bills

  • Clean bathrooms

  • Remind Q that she can be held by those other than her mama

  • Grovel at the feet of Wifey since I will be at work during most of the visit

This visit already seems like it will be a rough one. For some reason the relatively appropriate parental reactions of 3 months ago seem long forgotten. I am not sure why the craptastic switch was flipped, but that seems to be the case. It is going to be a rough one. They will not be here until tomorrow evening, but that is soon enough.

Luckily they will also be traveling up to visit my grandma in Kent, Ohio, so for at least a day or two we will have a break.

On another note, the dreaded ceiling fan is now all together and working. All this took was 3 calls to the fan etch support people, someone to re-anchor a junction box in the ceiling and a follow-up trip to the store to switch out a bad remote receiver. New receiver, a bit of wiring, and a goodly bit of fan to ceiling wrestling later and viola we have a new ceiling fan in the living room. It only took 2 weeks.

2 weeks for a frikkin ceiling fan!

To recap:
Did a shit-ton of cleaning this weekend
By tomorrow evening Casa Del SRH shall again be presentable
Currently the house is in a bit of disarray
That is the way of the house with a new baby
Don’t get me wrong,
We aren’t making the place spotless
We are just making seem like we don’t live like animals
Tomorrow’s 20 Questions will be about the 4th of July
Ooooh exciting