One would think there would be a veritable plethora (One also knows that one cannot merely have a “plethora.” One realizes that one must have a “veritable plethora.” One could very well be very wise in these ways.) of stories and anecdotes to draw from for the creation of a witty post. One would be incorrect on this matter, regardless of one’s prowess in parsing together the phrase “veritable plethora.” As it turns out there is not much currently worthy of remark with which to draw. One could bore others senseless with benign tales of random nothingness, but one really should not.

Currently, one’s nose could be itching, but since one is potentially at work and might be surrounded by a court of one’s peers, one should deny oneself the pleasure of scratching one’s nose from the inside, lest one could be accused of attempting to harvest something from one’s leftmost nostril. One might, however, rub one’s leftmost nostril vigorously much to no avail.

One might also note that it is nigh socially unacceptable to shed one’s left shoe to scratch betwixt the 3rd and 4th toes, no matter the fervency with which that tender area itches. This social moray is even in place whence dealing with stockinged feet. It is not as if one has shed footwear and stocking to scratch rabidly between said toes with wild abandon. One would really be merely attempting to relieve the unwanted grievance with the most decorum one could afford and still receive treatment for one’s malady of agitation.

One might also be aware that the work peers also frown upon the usage of the third person impersonal whence referring to an individual within a social collective. One might note that it is akin to referring to oneself in the third person by name. SRH knows this social moray all to well. SRH is very aware of this, yet one might note SRH’s willingness to askew morays by scratching SRH’s left nostril from the inside and then scratching between SRH’s 3rd and 4th toes on SRH’s left foot whilst not sporting his shoe.

To recap:
Allergies tend to make me itchy
I have no idea what I am going to whip up for Digital Thursday
I imagine it will be extremely well thought out though
Still haven’t brought in my iPod dock
So I am still not listening to anything but the working machinations of my diligent co-workers
I am thirsty
And tired