20 Questions Tuesday: 100 - The Century Club

Who would have thought that this crack-pot idea of having people ask me questions would last for 100 weeks? Not me, that’s who. I have so many people to thank so I just won’t because I am incredibly lazy.

Thanks this week go to Sparky, ACW, Peefer, Dr B-Dawg, and Nadolny (do you wanna be called “Sassyfrass?”).

100 weeks in and the questions are only getting better. The answers? That is a different story...

On to the questions:
1. Is it hard for you to answer personal/serious questions?
Well… since I will not answer too personal of questions the answer is “no.” But I tend to answer things rather obtusely, and that takes more effort so the answer is “yes.” I should hope that no one is coming to this blog for much seriousness.

2. Could you answer 20 questions on the topic of lunch? Or perhaps you have...
I could have sworn that I had done a “lunch” 20 Questions, but it seems that I have not. 20 Questions 102 will be concerning lunch.

3. Would you want to have 100 of anything? (Other than items of currency, of course.)
Definitely not Dalmatians. Those are some angry dogs. Very bitey dogs. Hmmm… I would love to have 100 happy repeatr customers and clients. Then I could work for myself and loose the shackles of this corporate veil.

4. Finish this sentence..."But I would walk 500 miles..." I know it's not ONE hundred, but deal with it.
And I would walk 500 more just to be the man who walked 100 miles to fall down at your door.

5. What club would you REALLY like to be a member of?
The Justice League! Sure it is exclusive, but I can’t be any more useless than the Atom!

6. What are your thoughts on the Century Series of American jet fighters?
Who doesn’t like a plane named the Thunderchief?

7. What was up with the Hundred Years war - what are the 5 W's?
The French and the English really didn’t like each other.
Who: England and France
What: Medieval warfare
When: 1337 to 1431
Why: Sovereignty claims and Duchy tax issues
Where: European mainland

8. Do you think the US of A has a hundred years left?
I am honestly not sure. I think the US might need to create a more formal alliance and governmental union with our continental neighbors to create a more cohesive trade partnership. It could possibly strengthen the economy (in the long run) and make the continent a more robust player compared to the EU and China, India, Brazil.

9. Any fond memories of the Bicentennial in 1976? Any memories at all....?
My first memory that I can clearly recall is from when I was 3, 1 year after the Bicentennial in 1976. It is of a kid biting my nose on a playground slide. Thanks for reminding me.

10. Why do we need pennies? For example, the Dutch don't use the 1/100th of a Euro - they just use a 'rounding' item on their receipts to remove those pesky cents.
I have no real affinity for the penny, but one has to think of what the unit for currency is. There needs to be some level of indivisible currency. In a base ten currency that level is usually worth 1 something or other. If you change that level to being worth 5 something or others, that level is still technically divisible.

11. In the Dewey Decimal System, what is categorized under the 100's. Why?Philosophy and psychology.

12. What kind of person would sing "A Hundred Bottles of Beer on the Wall" all the way to the end?
An annoying one. Most likely 5 years old.

13. How great is living to 100?
It seems to be getting better. I can remember seeing pictures of near skeletons with dead eyes and feebly “smiling” their missing toothed skull grins at cameras clearly wishing for death since their mind had partially lived longer than their now useless body. But now the people in the 100 years club pics seem to be happier and more vibrant, so by the time I get near the century mark I will be hale and hearty.

14. A googol is greater (much greater) than the number of atoms in the visible universe. So what is even the POINT of defining a googolplex?
Because dark matter exists, Peefer and it must be made to account for!

15. How have you changed in the last 100 weeks?
I am older, hopefully wiser, and definitely more tired.

16. What are your preferred bills for $100? 1 Benjamin, a two Grants, 5 Andrews...
10 Hamiltons. There is a symmetry with the 10 tens and Alexander Hamilton is dreamy.

17. Is it just assumed that a person would have an STI after reaching the century club?
I think it is assumed that will have had at least one STI. They may have something recurring or continuous, but they most likely have had at least one bit of something or other.

18. Look into the future and predict what the world (yours or in general) will be like when Tuesday's 20 questions turns 1000.
Hmmm… 17+ years away… Little Man will be 23. Q will be rounding on 18 years old. I will be a venerable 51. Hmmm… jet packs and flying cars, baby!

19. Why does the centi- get so much respect and the milli-, so little?
What about poor little hectic- and deci-?

20. What would a hand look like with 100 fingers on it?

Bonus 4 questions!

21. What do you think of the mile high club? Does membership have it's advantages?
Seeing as how I am not a member, I have not seen the enrollment packages and benefit entry plans. Sorry, I can’t really help with this question.

22. Did you own a Members Only jacket in the last century?
I owned a knock-off Member’s Only jacket… I was just that cool, I also had some high-top Star Runners as well

23. When you are old, will you sit on the front porch telling stories about how "back in my century, we had global cooling rather than this sissy global warming crap" and "back in my century, they wrapped the burgers in paper and threw it in the trash and we liked it that way!"
Most definitely. I will also threaten to keep that ball if it comes in my yard one more time

24. Methuselah, discuss amongst yerselves.
Yes, please do.

To recap:
Thanks everyone for making this such a fun thing to do
We think that Little Man is a bit afeared of the Tooth Fairy
He did not want to put anything under his pillow for some magical fairy ninja tart to secretly come into his room while he was sleeping and collect his discarded body part for some trivial amount of money
He didn’t like that concept at all
It was a pretty significant display of lightning last night
Lightning Storm and a Tooth Fiary could be a really “good” b-horror movie
Too bad I was sleeping
Listening to Ghost Riders in the Sky by Johnny Cash, hmmmmmmmmm