Get out of my head

You ever have one of those conversations about conversations where someone mentions that someone else mentioned a song that they can’t get out of their head and all the sudden you have a song playing on repeat in your head that wasn’t even the song they were referring to? Yeah, well that just happened.

So my remaining monkey came back from lunch and mentioned that he “Can’t get a song out of his head” because of a conversation he had at lunch about some dance song. The second he said the phrase “Can’t get a song out of his head” I was instantly listening to Kylie Minogue serenade me because she has the same affliction, only with an un-named “you” and, of course, it is her head and not mine. The fact that the “you” in question is not me and the “my” in question is, in fact, Kylie’s “my” did not seem to dissipate the recurrence of the song in my head in the least. In fact, that frame of questioning concerning the song seemed only to embed it more within my brain’s meager ability to function.

Typically I can save myself from this kind of affliction by reciting 3 times Mary Had a Little Lamb as if Casey Kasim were reading a dedication letter in my head, but this time Casey seemed to match his cadence with the intoxicating dance rhythms. It was difficult, but he seemed to match “I can’t get chu outta my head” with “Mary had a li-ih-ih-i-tle lamb,” which was much preferable to shortening “little” to a mere 4 syllable word and adding a grunt on the end of the phrase. That would have just been wrong. I really didn’t want to think of Casey Kasim grunting for any reason.

The reason that the "Mary/Lamb Method" is my preferred method deals with the fact that Mary Had a Little Lamb will leave my conscious and subconscious brain alone after it has been used to reset the continuous song filter in my head to the “off”. It is usually fool proof, but when it does not work I have a different, more detrimental to my mental health, method of making the offending song stop. This method makes the offending song go away and be replaced with something I have come to accept as the baseline of my brain function.

You know when someone says, “Clear your mind of all thought.” Whether it is for meditative purposes or for word associative reasons, my “Blank State” is the Police’s De Do Do Do De Da Da Da from Zenyatta Mondatta. I imagine if I needed to I could push those thoughts aside to “truly” clear my mind, but really, come on, that is clearer of thought than most people and I am not striving to be perfect with word association, sheesh! Anyway… it was time to call out the big guns. I cued up my Police sorbet on the mp3 player and waited for the sweet oblivion of my Blank State.

No more Minogue… and it only took about an hour of Sting’s nonsensical monosyllabic drivel to stop rattling around my skull.

To recap:
The remaining monkey’s song in question was ATC’s It Goes around the World
Like, Scoob, Mary had a Little Lamb
A rittle ram?
A little Lamb
Roose freece ras rite as snow?

Entertrainment Junction was a great trip for Little Man
Q is doing well as well
She really likes the whole bath-time thing
Bath-time is one of the few rituals that makes her smile
Little Man is motivated by tangible rewards
His behavior is remarkably better when the reward of root-beer is offered
Listening to Kylie Minogue’s Can’t Get You Out of My Head off of her release Fever
… but only in my head