Uh... Um... the point is...

Last night I went to a movie with some people from work. I went to see Batman The Dark Knight and was very pleased with the cinematic experience. In fact, this is the first movie I have been to in a theater for a VERY long time. No, I have not seen Iron Man or The Incredible Hulk. I haven’t even seen 300, and I consider myself a fan of the whole comic book genre. Granted I understand that 300 was not that great other than the visuals but that is not what this post is about. I got home from the movie at around 9:50 pm, unfortunately after all of Little Man’s nightly routine were accomplished by the lone Wifey.

Upon entering the house I went up and kissed Little Man, who had been waiting up for me, good night. He seemed to be no worse for wear, but awake nonetheless. I kissed him goodnight and within 10 minutes he was drifting sweetly into slumberland. When downstairs I relieved Wifey of her Q-ish “burden” so she could get some emailing accomplished. We were both very happy with this arrangement. I got to interact with a surprisingly conscious Q and Wifey got to tie up some loose ends both professionally and personally via the amazing tool we call e-mail.

Q is not happy with lack of propagation when being cared for by anyone other than Mama. When she is with Mama, sometimes she will allow Mama to just sit and hold her on her lap. I define “sometimes” as “extremely rarely” in this instance, but of the people that Q actually allows to hold her, Mama is the only one I know of that is allowed to remain motionless for any significant amount of time, but that is not what this post is about. So I am roaming all over the downstairs portion of the house with Q neatly and happily in my arms. She is happy with me roving and pacing, so I rove and pace. After about an hour of movement, I ask Wifey how the emails are going… silence. I wander aimlessly about the first floor of the house a bit more with this precious bundle in my arms, and ask again, “Hey, How’s the email going?” The most I receive for this inquiry is a grunt and a sigh.

Now, I feel it necessary in the sense of full disclosure that I mention that this behavior seems more like the behavior of me at the computer than Wifey. You see, I get lost in the cyber-world waaay easier than Wifey. Books are her form of distraction, whereas icons and radiating pixels are more my speed. Anywho… Wifey is staring blankly at her 1 line response to a 1 line email.

I am not sure if my response is enthusiastic enough, but I don’t want to seem overbearing or over-friendly. The issue with this is that I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, but my schedule is a bit up in the air right now, and I don’t know which one of these people I should CC on this email since it is just a scheduling response….


I mean, can I really be too enthusiastic? It is only a one-line email response, that should be enough, shouldn’t it?

Ummm… What’s it for?

A playdate for Little Man

The point is… Wifey needs some sleep.

To recap:
Little Man’s 5th birthday is Friday
It can’t have been 5 years already
I won’t believe it
Q is 7 weeks old today
Time flies when you parent
Actual quote from Little Man today, “Look out World! Here I come”
After which he promptly ate a turkey sandwich
The funny thing about gnomes is their gnomishness
Check out Wifey’s new template
Listening to Beds Are Burning by Midnight Oil off their release, Diesel and Dust