Digital Thursday

Here we go again with the update to last week's Dr Doom pic. So far I have done most of Doom himself, except his armor. I did make some changes in the color scheme because the original artist, Jason Baroody, pointed me towards some ref pics of the Latverian (the small country where Doom rules) flag. That flag is decidedly non-European in its construction. Anyway... I went with a velvet cloak and a linen tunic with satin stripes for the textures associated with this pic so far.

I am trying to figure out the finish that I want the armor to have on it. I do not want it to be chromed up and super reflective. That changes too much for lighting and reflections, but I also want the armor to look neat and tidy. Maybe brushed steel as a texture? Who knows. Anyway, here is the work in progress that is Dr Doom.

So far I have invested about 7 hours into this guy. I imagine that I will have about 4 to 5 more to go. Some of the time is due to expirementing with techniques, but most of it is because of brute force painting at an insane level of detail. Feel free to click on Doom for embiggination.

To recap:
If you are interested in Jason Baroody's other work, or Dr Doom, please follow the myriad of links embedded in last week's Digital Thursday post
Pretty soon today I will be getting back into the SketchUp tutorials
I might need to get a version of this program for home
It is a pretty intuitive 3-d program
It would be good for rendering backgrounds like the one you see above in the Doom pic
Tomorrow we are heading to Entertrainment Junction for the enjoyment of Little Man
Exercise needs to be part of my life again
For I am getting tubby
Listening to Rainy Day by Guster off of Lost and Gone Forever
Have a great weekend everyone