Feeble Attempt

The ability to create an effective metaphor is a keen ability to possess when writing a blog. I wish I could claim metaphors such as “like trying to tie your shoes with sticks and bubble gum” Or “as useless as a fat kangaroo in a wet sand box.” The ability to create an effective metaphor seems to erode as sleep deprivation increases. In fact, as sleep deprivation increases, ability to generate a meaningful and interesting topic seems to go out the window as well. Basically, as sleep deprivation increases, most things that take thought seem to do not good stuff… and things. But this post is not about sleep deprivation. This post is all about… ummm… other stuff… other very important stuff.

I am tired and my head hurts. No more post for today.

(Look, it’s Fluffy, the Headache Pine Marten!)

You go away, Fluffy. You go away right now.

To Recap:
Q is preferring Wifey something fierce right now
Much to everyone else’s consternation
I am all about the new software learning
I am currently watching Google SketchUp tutorials that are nicely categorized on YouTube
I have been watching approximately 3 hrs of tutorials
Whilst informative and interesting (to a point) I am getting a bit tired of watching tutorials
You would be tired as well
This incessant droning on by the online tutor is also getting in the way of holding on to and stringing together coherent thoughts
Especially with a certain amount of lack of sleep
A WiP update on the Doom pic tomorrow
I hope there is a discernable difference between what I have done so far
Listening to someone drone on about edges, faces, selections, and objects