Dream a Little Dream for Me

It turns out that don’t have the ability to consciously dream. I have a lack in ability when it comes to the word “aspire.” Oddly, I am okay with my deficiency associated with the word “ass-spire.” Who wants a narrow tower of ass?

Anyway… I have come to this conclusion because Wifey keeps asking me what my dreams and goals are. I am verily happy with what I have, so my response is usually, “get back in the kitchen, Papa is still hungry.” We laugh and laugh and laugh, and then she hits me. Anywhoo… Most of my dreams and goals have been met. What does one do when they have climbed their mountain and plumbed the depths of their ocean? Well, most people decide to find a bigger mountain or a deeper ocean. Me? I stagnate and lose the ability to strive. An ability that will take lots of time to re-acquire and re-tool… a tool that needs to be honed again… a metaphor that needs to be reworked like a poorly thrown pot on a wheel (irony, I gets it).

The problem with reacquainting oneself with this lost skill of yore is that once the absence of skill is noticed, it becomes pervasive to one’s consciousness. I wonder what I would like for lunch today… I wouldn’t have to wonder if I knew how to frikken dream. Which shirt should I wear today, there are 3 clean ones? Maybe if I knew how to aspire to something greater there would be 5 clean shirts… The lack of wanted future permeates everything, but still doesn’t resolve itself.

How does one turn on the dream-makers after they have been shut off for so long? You cannot go back all the way to the flights of fancy that enveloped youth. I have met and married the woman of my dreams. We are in a house that we are paying for from our own earnings. We have fornicated and procreated (in that order, thank you very much). We have 2 of the loveliest children ever. The only things I don’t have from my youthful dreams are a flying car, super powers, and a light saber. Those really don’t apply to a more reality based dreams and ambitions. Don’t get me wrong, I would still love a flying car, super-powers and a black light light saber (I would be the only Jedi at the rave), but those are hardly attainable on my own merit.

The thing is, I cannot rely on dreams from my youth as my aspirations for today and I have not been constantly amending my dreams to reflect what I have already attained. Anyone have any insight into how to re-start the dreaming process?

To recap:
The weekend was a nice one
I got some arch supports for my feet
Cause I guess I am like 80 or something
Hopefully this will help the feet to not hurt all the time
The lack of hurting should allow me to exercise without wincing
That would be nice
I need to exercise for healthful reasons
And vainful reasons
Mostly healthful though
My feet are on fire right now though
Listening to Pop Music by Devo