3 Things

I have three things to go over from this weekend.

Thing the first:

The search for a nanny for Q has begun in earnest. G-Ma D and G-Pa R just aren’t spry enough to chase down 2 kids. Especially when they are having difficulty with the one we have them watching currently. Little Man is a handful for the septuagenarians with various auto-immune deficiencies. It is not surprising to us, but we are afraid that in their infirmity they may not have realized that the writing is on the wall. Tomorrow morning we are spreading the news. It will not be pretty.

So far we have three candidates that we have in the queue. Saturday we saw the first of the 3. We see the second this evening and the third tomorrow evening. We are hoping to have the decision decided by this weekend. This is a difficult process.

Thing the second:

I can honestly say that I miss the Olympics. I miss being to catch Volleyball at nearly every hour of the day. Men’s… women’s… indoor… outdoor… whatever. I was able catch some other non-traditional sports as well. Unfortunately, while other events were happening, I also was able to focus solely on swimming and gymnastics. I hear that the online coverage was incredible, but that is only of small consequence since I watched the Olympics on my TV and not my computer.

Thing the Third:

Capt McArmpants was in town over the weekend and game Little Man his birthday present. Little Man is now the proud owner of a Wii. He is also known to make the noise, “Wheeeeeee!” whilst playing said Wii. So far he has only been willing to try out the Wii Bowling, but he is easily the best in the house. Now Wifey and I are on a mission to find appropriate titles for his Wii playing habits. If we (umm really “I”) find some other titles on the way, that is just a bonus for the fam.

To recap:
Thanks! Capt Armypants
Bock! Bock!
Soo sleep deprived
The Olympics coupled with child rearing coupled with job stress equals no sleep for SRH
Tonight’s interview is the one Wifey and I are most looking forward to
Tomorrow’s interview is iffy at best
Saturday’s was good, just not inspiring
Not listening to anything at the moment
Well, I am listening into my coworkers’ conversations as much a s I can, but that is a different story
The story is a simple story though
SRH = Nosy