Digital Thursday

Okay here we are again with a Dr Doom Digital Thursday. This time around I have modified Jason's inks to include some damage to the armor. then I started painting the armor with a new technique that i am just now getting comfortable with.

Anyway, I give you Decrepit Doom WiP I

Looks like Victor has been getting worked over.

To recap:
Last night they showed the Gymnastics Galla during the primetime Olympic coverage
WTF?!?! Hey, NBC, there was actual sport going on when you were showing that tripe
I know some people want closure from the stessful gymnastic viewing, but come on...
The Olympics didn't have a fairwell send off to the swimming events, and they were frought with tension as well
Actually I bet some of the other ports were pretty tense as well... maybe we could have watched them? or at least highlights of them?
Listening to Divine Hammer by the Breeders
Have a great weekend everyone