Digital Thursday

Here we are on Digital Thursday again, and this time I actually have some stuff to show. It is like graphic design show and tell Intertubes style, baby!

First up is the beginning of an identity package for a company that someone I know is starting up. The co. is a pet care company that wants to promote the idea of high end /upper level care for animals in their own home. Not a boarding house or kennel. The person requesting the package wanted an “upscale” feel with a dog and a cat toasting with champagne. I decided to go with an 1880’s Victorian glitz and glamour feel. Anyway… the first version I did was with a plum and eggplant accent color. It turns out that the client is not a big fan of the purples, so I created about 8 different color schemes and she chose the mint and green accent colors.

I still need to develop the business cards, letterhead, notepad, etc… but I think I am well on my way. That is a project for this weekend.

Second up is a shirt design that a co-worker asked me to develop. He plays a game called Flames of War with a local hobby shop gaming group. I guess there is enough of a regional population of gaming groups that they have loosely organized themselves into “companies.” So this Company wants shirts to kick it up a notch. I hope they go with a bowling shirt instead of a regular old t-shirt.
Bowling shirts would be awesome. Super. Awesome.

To recap:
Big old birthday party going on tonight for Mim
I was right, Wifey was a mess last night
She is doing better now though
The dog and cat logo has gotten surprisingly good reviews from people so far
Reactions I was not exactly expecting
Some of which were oddly intense
Oh well
Wow, I just looked around and my desk is a mess
Bankers look at my Credit Union and are dumbfounded by their hours
I swear they are open from 10 to 10:15am, but not at all on end of month processing days or holidays or days that begin with “T” or “S”
I need to figure out an additional way of making some money
But who doesn’t?
Listening to Seven Days by Sting