I find myself mentally shaking my fist at Little Man and threatening to take “that ball the next time it comes in my yard” whenever we watch TV together. Shockingly I am from a time prior to the wonder that is known as the DVR.

**Side note: I kind of feel bad for Tivo for not getting enough market penetration prior to cable companies adding DVR’s to their list of services. Unlike Xerox or Kleenex or Band-Aid, Tivo was not able to make themselves into the generic name for their product’s industry. End Side note**

When I was a kid, you just watched TV as it was given to you. Sure you could record it whilst watching something by operating your wood-fired Video Cassette Recorder, but you could not replay instantly and then catch up with the existing programming. Well these damn kids these days watch something funny and then replay it ad nauseum. This morning Little Man saw something mildly amusing on his kid’s show of the moment, and then re-wound and watched this 30 second snippet 18 more times. It was the watching equivalent of listening to a skipping record… a repeating loop on a CD. (Even my analogies are old.) So, anyway… I am constantly fighting with my impulse to make him stop and watch TV right, Damnit! But who am I to judge what the correct way of viewing TV is?

To recap:
It is difficult to be a Renaissance man in a non-Renaissance world
This non-Renaissance world is chock full buzz-kills and idea-smashers
… and spiders
But luckily not techno-spiders
No one wants to be in a world with techno-spiders
Trust me on that one
I actually have some fodder for tomorrow’s Digital Thursday
Go Me!
Wifey is going to be a mess tonight
Friends of ours (mainly hers) are moving tomorrow
To Vermont of all places
She is going to be a blubbering mess
Plus she has work that needs to get done
Completely unrelated: Happy birthday, Mim!
Listening to Lust for Life by Iggy Pop