20 Questions Tuesday: 106 - The next 5

Today’s 20 Questions Tuesday is all about being off the cuff. I say that because I completely forgot that today was Tuesday and that yesterday was Monday because family traditions that are typically done on Friday were done on Sunday making Monday feel like Saturday. Plus my calendaric confusion level tends to go up on holiday weekends. So today I sent out an impassioned plea for the next 5 questions each person thought of. I shall answer them with questions of my own. Who says this old dog can’t learn new tricks.

Thanks this week go to Lsig, Belsum, ACW, Wifey, Capt. McArmypants, theMikeStand, and AllRilyedUp.

1. Why do I still work here?
Why does anyone work anywhere?

2. Does expired Tylenol have any adverse side effects?
Not that I know of, how many tentacles do you see?

3. Can I sue Target for selling me expired Tylenol?
Wouldn’t you have a better case in court if it were expired soy pudding and Whole Foods instead of expired Tylenol and Target?

4. Don't Mondays suck, even when they are technically Tuesdays?
Who cares about technicalities in work week hate?

5. There is no fever so what brought on the boy’s puking?
Why do some illnesses/viruses/germs target certain systems but not others?

6. How come nothing is ever easy?
Why do people constantly disparage the concept of “Nothing?” What has it ever done to you? Nothing maybe?

7. Will I ever feel well rested again?
Do you even remember what well rested felt like?

8. Labor Day? - is this our nod to the old USSR's celebration of the labor party/workers?
Were the USSR’s celebrations of the proletariat worker derived from the Pro-Union activity that brought about Labor Day in the US?

9. What's up with "For Better or Worse" in the comics?
Why can’t some people let go?

10. It's September! What happened to summer?
Indeed! Where has the time gone?

11. Why won't she go to sleep? Or rather, why won't she stay asleep?
Why does the sun rise in the east and set in the west?

12. Does she hate me?
Is she capable of hate? Of love? Of indifference?

13. Are we already setting up some dynamic whereby we teach our dear child to torture those who love her?
Shouldn’t we instruct her in a dynamic that does not have so much potential to harm us?

14. Why can't I wear white after Labor Day?
Are you in the Navy?

15. So I woke up this morning and my back was killing me, it happens sometimes. I immediately chose plan B, which is where I cook up a big breakfast to fill my stomach and then take some serious muscle relaxants. I then hang from something for about 15 minutes and then I walk to work. (Thank God I can walk to work, driving is not an option.)
a. So how pathetic is that?
b. What is the biggest betrayal by your body for you?
a. If pathetic were a question, I would respond, why?
b. Have you ever heard of metabolism?

16. Did you know that Canada is going to have a Federal election just before the US has theirs? Using your limitless knowledge of Canadian politics, how do you think the outcome of our election could affect the outcome of yours?
If a butterfly flaps it’s wings in Japan, does that affect the wind and water in Louisiana? Better yet, will the conservative result in Canada create more resolve in the US for something less conservative?

17. Who was / is your favourite Muppet?
Why don’t Beaker and Doctor Bunsen Honeydew have their own show ?

18. How could you forget which day of the week is TUESDAY?????
I know, WTF?

19. What is your opinion on stomach stapling?
Do I have an opinion on stomach stapling? Does it work for all people who get stapled?

20. Favorite breakfast cereal?
Would it have to be consumed for breakfast? At that point is it really “breakfast cereal” or merely “cereal?”

To recap:
Did I forget to post yesterday?
I just received 5 questions from Peefer, should I answer them?
1. Why don't I ever get anything done on time?
What exactly is time?
2. Do you ever think about what angle the plane of our solar system makes with the plane of the Milky Way? If so (or if not), what is your best guess?
Nope, I never think about that, should I?

3. Last course you ever took?
Would you believe a 1 hr course of independent study for my thesis completion?
Why only 3 of the 5 questions?
Why not?
Why am I listening to a cover of I Will Survive by Cake?
Why aren’t you?